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welcome to WILKOWICE!

Wilkowice is a village situated on the picturesque border between Silesian Beskid, the Low Beskids, and Żywiec Basin, known as Wilkowice Gate. It is located on the southern part of Silesian Voivodeship, in Bielsko County and it is also a part of the Bielsko-Biala agglomeration. Gmina Wilkowice covers a total area of 33.9 square kilometres and it consists of three other villages (sołectwa): Bystra, Meszna, and Wilkowice.

Our village is placed in a highly convenient location since a few important trade and train routes, as well as tourist trails, led through it. Due to the surrounding of Beskid Mountains, the village has an unique vibe. In 19th century, the highest-located village – Bystra, was especially known for therapeutic properties of its environment. In 1897, an Austrian doctor Ludwik Jekeles, established the Hydrotherapy Centre in Bystra. Currently, you can find here the Centre of Pulmonology and Cardiothoracic, which is one of the leading centres in Poland.

Wilkowice, often considered as a typical tourist destination, provides also variety of highly developed accommodations. Within the village, you can find mountain huts in Magurka Wilkowicka, Klimczok, and Szyndzielnia, as well as plenty of agricultural holdings, holiday cottages, hotels, inns, and restaurants. Wilkowice are also known for having a favourable environment for recreation and sport as it is surrounded by Silesian Beskid with Kozia Gora, Szyndzielnia, Klimczok and Magura on one side and with the Low Beskids with Czupel, Magurka Wilkowicka and Rogacz from the other. They are all connected through numerous tourist signs. In winter, there is an opportunity to use a cross-country skiing trail in the upper parts of Magurka Wilkowicka.


ul. Wyzwolenia 25
43-365 Wilkowice

Phone: (+48) 33/4990 077, 79, 80, 81, 82
Mobile phone: 882 367 777

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